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20th SYMPOSIUM "In Memory of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej"

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Международный симпозиум византологов "Ниш и Византия"

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In the light of the weakening pandemic, the symposium will be held both in-person and online. In-person participants will present their papers live, but those who couldn't come will join an online conference with their web presentations.

International Symposium of Byzantologists


"800 years since the Аutocephaly of the Serbian Church (1219-2019): Church, Politics and Art in Byzantium and neighboring countries"

June 3rd   (Monday)

  • 17,30 – Opening Ceremony – University Big Hall (Master of Ceremony Mrs. Ivana Jocic)
    • Introduction - dr Misa Rakocija
    • Blessing - Serbian Patriarch Irinej
    • Welcome speech – Mayor of Niš Darko Bulatovic
    • Address word  by Niš University Rector Dragan Antic, PhD
    • Symposium opening - dr Vesna Bikić (Belgrade)
    • Promotion of the Proceedings No. 17 - dr Anđela Gavrilović
    • Music program: vocal group “Constantine”
    • Cocktail
    • Common dinner with guests and participants (upon I session ending)

Chairman:  dr Igor Borozan (Belgrade)

  1. 18,30-18,45 – dr Haluk Çetinkaya (Istanbul)
    Tomb of Manuel Comnenus I in the Pantokrator monastery and its impact on Serbian life
  2. 18,45-19,00 – dr Ariadna Voronova (Moscow)
    "And the prince set the holy church": common characteristics of the architecture of the Russian and Serbian endowments in the 13th century
  3. 19,00-19,15 – dr Igor Borozan  (Belgrade)
    Between the representation of the ecclesiastical authorities and the presentations of the actual: The presentations of the Metropolitan Michael in the second half of the 19th century
  4. 19,15-19,30 - dr Sándor Földvári (Debrecen)
    Role of the Ukrainian Brotherhoodsin the Confessionalisation of the Serbs in the Habsburg Empire: A Historiography from Mita Kostić through Yaroslav Isaievich up to the Recent Researches
  5. 19.30-19,45 - Dr Yannis Varalis, Dr Nikos Laskaris, Dr Constantine Tsodoulos , Dr Constantine Dolmas (Volos, Argostoli, Trikala, Thessaloniki)
    Ecclesiastical Silver in Thessaly and Serbia during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: Convergences and Divergences
  6. 19,45-20,00 – dr Vesna Bikić  (Belgrade)
    Archeology of the oldest Serbian ecclesiastical centers
  7. 20,00-20,15 – dr Andreas PÜLZ (Vienna)
    Selected examples of early Byzantine Pilgrim flasks from Asia Minor
  8. 20,15-20,30 – dr Miša Rakocija (Niš)
    Church of Sv. Jovan near Gornji Matejevac and its archaic triangle base
  • 20,30- Discussion
  • Departure for dinner 

June 4th (Tuesday)

Chairman: dr Eirini Artemi (Athens)

  1. 09,15 - 09,30 – dr Eirini Artemi (Athens)
    “The ontology of human personhood is its Divine image”, the anthropology of st. Justin’s Popović
  2. 09,30 - 09,45 – Theoni Boura (Athens)
    Ecclesiology according to Dumitru Staniloae
  3. 09,45 - 10,00 - Viktor Nedeski (Skopje)
    The unpublished "Syntagma" of Archbishop Gennadius of Ohrid
  4. 10,00 - 10,15 – dr Milan Đorđević (Skopje)
    Byzantine philosophy and rationality at St Nicholas Kavasil
  5. 10,15 - 10,30 – dr Lidija Kovacheva (Skopje)
    The Religious Transformations in the Representations of Zeus, Perun, and St. Elijah
  6. 10,30 - 10,45 – dr Irena Ljubomirović (Niš)
    Religious orientation of the members of the family of Constantine the Great
  • 10,45-11,00 break

Chairman: dr Jasmina Šaranac Stamenković (Niš)

  1. 11,00 - 11,15 – deacon  dr Ivica Čairović  (Belgrade)
    A review of the personality of St. Sava in the Serbian scientific theological period between the two world wars
  2. 11,15 - 11,30 – Goran M. Janićijević (East New Sarajevo)
    Character and context  of displaying the character of St. Sava outside the historical boundaries of the diocese in the examples from Suprasla and Dragomirna
  3. 11,30 - 11,45 – dr Vasilj Jovović (Nikšić)
    Medieval Orthodox Religious Monuments according to the Writing of Montenegrin Press 1835-1941
  4. 11,45 - 12,00 – dr Elena Gkartzonika (Ioannina)
    Τhe longue durée of translationes and remote administration in Serbian lands: Revisiting the localized conceptualization of the order of succession in power, in the conjuncture of the 13th c.
  5. 12,00 - 12,15 – dr Jasmina Šaranac Stamenković (Niš)
    Psel's accompanying epistols with gifts intended to the rulers of the Duke dynasty
  6. 12,15 - 12,30 – Aleksandra Radosavljević (Kosovska Mitrovica)
    Meeting of the Orthodox and Catholic world; Despot Đurađ Branković and Jovan Kapistran
  7. 12,30 - 12,45 – dr Katerina Mladenovska-Ristovska (Skopje)
    “The Road Connections of Naissus with the Populated Places in the River Basin of the Axios River trough the antiquity”

Chairman: dr Andreas PÜLZ (Vienna)

  1. 12,45 - 13,00 – dr Dejan Tubić,  Aleksandra Dimitrijević (Kosovska Mitrovica)
    Byzantine sacral architecture as a constantly present aesthetics in Serbian construction
  2. 13,00 - 13,15 – Marija Savić, Nebojša Đokić (Leposavić)
    Remains of sacral objects in the area of Pomoravlje Gate built before the Serbian Orthodox Church Аutocephalyobtaining
  3. 13,15 - 13,30 – Dušan Rašković (Vienna)
    Examples of findings of money coined in the period from IX to XIII century, in Pomoravlje
  4. 13,30 - 13,45 – dr. Eugen Paraschiv-Grigore; dr. Ioana Paraschiv-Grigore (Bucharest)
    Representations of the Virgin Mary on lead seals found in Dobroudja
  5. 13.45 - 14.00 – dr Miodrag Marković
    Dating of the oldest wall paintings in the monastery of Piva
  • 14,00 -16,00 – Lunch break
  1. 16,00 - 16,15 – dr Vania Popova, dr Georgi Atanassov (Sofia)
    The mosaic of basilica No 1 in Zaldapa / the village of Abrit in Bulgaria
  2. 16,15 -16,30 – dr Svetla Petrova (Sofia)
    The Cancel Screen from the Second Building Period of the Episcopal Basilica no 4 in Parthicopolis
  3. 16,30 -16,45 – Nemanja Petrović  (Belgrade)
    The presentations of the Holy Virgin Mother on the encolpions and the steatite icon: the object of personal piety from the necropolis of Saint Panteleimon in Niš Holy Virgin Mother
  4. 16,45 - 17,00 – dr Kalina Atanasova (Shumen)
    The insignia of the Bulgarian Tsar Konstantin Tikh (1257-1277). Analysis and Typology
  • 17,00-17,15 – break

Chairman: dr  Tatjana Starodubcev (Novi Sad)

  1. 17,15 -17,30 – dr Dmytro Dymydyuk (Lviv)
    Relief on the door of Msho Arakelots monastery (1134) as a source for study arms and armor of medieval Armenian warriors
  2. 17,30 - 17,45 – Uglješa Vojvodić (Beograd)
    The achievements of the archaeological research of the church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul
  3. 17,45 -18,00 – dr Jasmina S. Ćirić (Belgrade)
    The plate of honorable table at Kastaljan Monastery on Kosmaj
  4. 18,00 -18,15 - Vladimir Božinović and Metin Kaya (Istanbul)
    Transition of Ornaments: Reflection of Islamic Art on Decoration of Byzantine Wall Paintings in Cappadocia and Architectural Sculpture in Moravan Serbia
  5. 18,15-18,30 – dr Anđela Gavrilović (Belgrade)
    "Marble of the Dečani Church" and its meaning
  6. 18,30-18,45 – dr Elizabeta Dimitrova, Orhideja Zorova (Skopje)
    „Traces de féminité“ in Macedonian Middle Ages – art and archaeology

Chairman: dr Ioannis Sisiou (Kastoria)

  1. 18,45-19,00 – Kristina Miloradović  (Belgrade)
    Traces of older Jerusalem liturgical stratum in possession of the Serbian Munich Psalter
  2. 19,00-19,15 – dr Vesna Milanović (Belgrade)
    Images of  the Assembly  as the focal point of the frescoes of the Sopoćani priory
  3. 19,15-19,30 – dr Tatjana Starodubcev (Novi Sad)
    Presentation of the service of the archbishops in the Holy Virgin church on Vražji Kamen
  4. 19,30- 19,45 – dr Ioannis Sisiou (Kastoria)
    Ο κύκλος των αγίων Αναργύρων στο ναό του Θεόδωρου Λημνιώτη
  5. 19,45-20,00 – dr Miroslava Kostić (Belgrade)
    The renewal of the Serbian golden age in the symbolic politics of the representative culture of the Karlovac Metropolitan in the 18th century
  6. 20,15-20,30 – dr Franc Curk, Marija Curk  (Niš)
    The found state and the conservation of the "Russian Cross" from the altar of the Great Church in Niš
  • Discussion, press and the end of symposium working part
  • Dinner

June 5th (Wednesday) 

  • 09,30 – Reception at Nis City Hall
  • 10,00 - 14,00 - Cultural monuments sightseeing - Basilica of the Martyrs, Latin Church in Gornji Matejevac
  • Departure

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