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20th SYMPOSIUM "In Memory of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej"

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Международный симпозиум византологов "Ниш и Византия"

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In the light of the weakening pandemic, the symposium will be held both in-person and online. In-person participants will present their papers live, but those who couldn't come will join an online conference with their web presentations.


~ Restoration of Byzantium in the Balkans  in 1018 ~

June 3rd (Sunday)

- 17,30 – Opening Ceremony – University Big Hall (Master of Ceremony Mrs. Ivana Jocic)

  • Introduction - dr Misa Rakocija
  • Blessing - Serbian Patriarch Irinej
  • Welcome speech – Mayor Darko Bulatovic
  • Address by University of Nis Rector prof. dr Dragan Antic
  • Symposium opening - dr Marko Popovic (Belgrade)
  • Promotion of the Proceedings No. 16 - dr Nebojsa Stankovic
  • Screening of popular science film "Dawn of Byzantium"
  • Music program: Sara Ristić – soprano, Valentina Stanojević- flute
  • Cocktail

Chairman: dr Darko Todorovic (Beograd)
1. 18,30-18,45 – dr  Miodrag Markovic (Beograd)
Church building in the Serbian countries of the XI century (after 1018)
2. 18,45-19,00 – dr Ariadna Voronova  (Moscow)
Rise of Byzantium in 1018 and the Russian architecture of the XI century
3. 19,00-19,15 – dr Misa Rakocija (Nis)
Renovation of Byzantium in Nis in 1018 and church building
4. 19,15-19,30 – dr Srdjan Pirivatric (Belgrade)
Modalities and domains of Byzantium reconstruction in the Balkans after 1018. A few observations
5. 19.30-19,45 - dr Paschalis Androudis, Errikos Maniotis (Thessaloniki)
Middle-Byzantine marble spolia in the Katholikon of the Monastery of Chilandar, Mt Athos
6.  19,45-20,00 - dr Marko Popovic (Belgrade)
Catholic temples of the medieval town of Novo Brdo
7.  20,00-20,15 – dr Andreas Pülz (Vienna)
The episcopal district of Side in Pamphylia

* 20,15- discussion
* Departure for dinner

June 4th  (Monday)

Chairman: dr Franc Curk (Niš)
1. 09,00 - 09,15 – dr Lidija Kovacheva (Skopje)
Plague through Antiquity and Byzantium and its perception in the Macedonian Folk Legends
2. 09,15 - 09,30 – Boriana Nanova (Sofia)
The Mystique of the Heart in the theology of St. Simeon the New Theologian(X-XI c.)
3. 09,30 - 09,45 – dr Irena Ljubomirovic,  МА Nenad Radulovic (Nis)
The first renewal of the Byzantine Empire during Justinian I
4. 09,45 - 10,00 – dr Milos Cvetkovic (Belgrade)
Principles of integration of non-Romaic ethnic groups into the thematic system in the Balkans
5. 10,00 - 10,15 – dr Jasmina Saranac Stamenkovic (Nis)
Пселово молбено писмо византијском цару за помоћ Анастасију ЛизичкомPsel's letter to the Byzantine emperor for help to Anastasius Lizzik
6. 10,15 - 10,30 – Žoržeta Viktorova Ilieva  (Sofia)
Кореспонденцията на архиепископ Лъв Охридски с Константинопол и Рим
7. 10,30 - 10,45 – dr Eirini Artemi (Athens - Patra)
The ontological and gnosiological terms for the person of Holy Virgin Mother according the writings of Epiphanius the Monk (1015AD)

10,45-11,00 – Break

Chairman: dr Eirini Artemi (Athens - Patra)
8. 11,00 - 11,15 – dr Darko Todorovic (Belgrade)
Theophylact of Ohrid, court panegyricist and church minister
9. 11,15 - 11,30 – MA Mimica Velova-Graorkovska (Skopje)
Artificially deformed  skulls from the Eastern necropolis at the site Skupi near Skopje
10. 11,30 - 11,45 – dr Franc Curk (Nis),
Iconostasis of the Church of St. Archangel in Nis
11. 11,45 - 12,00 – dr Ivan Vasilev, Angel Angelov (Sofia),
New data about the construction history and the date of the late medieval church of st. Petka in balsha, Bulgaria
12. 12,00 - 12,15 – dr Konstantinos T. Raptis (Thessaloniki)
The building history of Acheiropoietos basilica reconsidered
13. 12,15 - 12,30 – dr Svetla Petrova (Sofia)
Complex of Early Christian basilica and Medieval church in the village of Cherven Breg, municipality of Dupnitsa
14. 12,30 - 12,45 – dr Vania Popova (Sofia)
The mosaics of the Episcopal basilica in Marcianopolis

Chairman: dr Elizabeta Dimitrova (Skopje)
15. 12,45 - 13,00 – dr Vassil Tenekedjiev (Varna)
The Large Basilica in Marcianopolis: Attempting a Hypothetical Reconstruction of its Architecture and Liturgical Arrangement
16. 13,00 - 13,15 – dr Nebojsa Stankovic (Nis)
An unusual triangular church in the Svrljig surroundings (Monastery of St. Petka Rusalna): analysis of architecture, original form and date
17. 13,15 - 13,30 – dr Elizabeta Dimitrova, Orhideja Zorova (Skopje)
The Paralel Universes of Macedonian Cultural Multiverse
18. 13,30 - 13,45 – dr Robert Mihajlovski, Gordana Filipovska-Lazarovska, Slobodan Stojkoski (Melbourne)
Мedieval town of Bitola (Pelagonia) after 1018: the Yeni mosque’s new archaeological evidence

14,00 -16,00 – Lunch Break

Chairman: dr Miroslava Kostic (Belgrade)
19. 16,00 - 16,15 – Elisabeta Kodheli (Tirana),
Holy trinity church in Berat and its frontons feautures
20.  16,15 -16,30 – dr Jasmina S. Ciric (Belgrade)
On the Imitation (ΜΙΜΗΣΙΣ) of Antiquity: opus reticulatum  in the architecture of St. John the Theologian church at Kaneo in Ohrid

21. 16,30 -16,45 – Vladimir Božinović (Belgrade)
Heraldički simboli na parapetima eksonarteksa Hilandara
22. 16,45 - 17,00 – dr Ioannis Sisiou (Kastoria)
Ο Θεόδωρος Λημνιώτης και ο προστάτης του άγιος Γεώργιος

17,00-17,15 – break

Chairman: dr Ioannis Sisiou (Kastoria)
23. 17,15 -17,30 – dr Tatjana Starodubcev (Novi Sad)
Saint Lazar zograph or about one rarely painted defender of sacred paintings

24. 17,30 - 17,45 – dr Zoran Rakic (Belgrade)
Visual Images of St. Sava's Serbian in the 18th-century miniatures on Mount Athos

25. 17,45 -18,00 – dr Miroslava Kostic (Belgrade)
Serbian people on the soil of the Habsburg monarchy during the second half of the 18th century. History and tradition, the birth of a new type of national hero

  • Discussion, press conference and end of symposium working part
  • Dinner

June 5th  (Tuesday)

- 09,30 – Reception at Nis City Hall
- 10,00 - 14,00 - Cultural monument sightseeing 

  •  Departure

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