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20th SYMPOSIUM "In Memory of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej"

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Международный симпозиум византологов "Ниш и Византия"

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Niš and Christian Heritage

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In the light of the weakening pandemic, the symposium will be held both in-person and online. In-person participants will present their papers live, but those who couldn't come will join an online conference with their web presentations.


~ Roman Crown of the Orthodox Kingdom
- 800 Years since the Coronation of Stefan the First-Crowned ~

June 3rd, Saturday

17,30 – Opening Ceremony – University Big Hall (Master of Ceremony Mrs. Ivana Jocic)

  • Introduction - dr Misa Rakocija
  • Blessing - Serbian Patriarch Irinej
  • Welcome speech – Mayor Darko Bulatovic
  • Address by University of Nis Rector prof. dr Dragan Antic
  • Symposium opening - academician  dr Ljubomir Maksimovic, vice-president of SASA
  • Promotion of the Proceedings No. 15 - dr Jasmina Saranac
  • Screening of popular science film "Dawn of Byzantium"
  • Cocktail

Chairman: dr Smiljka Gabelic (Belgrade)

  1. 18,30-18,45 – dr Miodrag markovic (Belgrade)
    Coronation of Stefan Nemanjic in 1217
  2. 18,45-19,00 - dr Eirini Artemi (Athens)
    The Heresy of Bogomils and Its Confrontation by the Serbian Prince Stefan Nemanja
  3. 19,00-19,15 – dr Ivan Stevovic, dr Jelena Erdeljan (Belgrade)
    Spasova Church in Zica - Forms of Space and Its Purpose
  4. 19,15-19,30 - dr Lida Miraj, Amarildo Toli (Tirana)
    The Basilica and the Monastery of Saint John Vladimiri in Shijon, Elbasan. Problems of Previous Restorations and the Proposals for the Professional Restoration of the Basilica and the Monastery
  5. 19.30-19,45 – dr Zoran Rakic (Belgrade)
    Square Flag in the Passage from Four Gospels (Serbian National Library, Rs 720) and Its Parallels in Serbian Manuscripts from XIV to XVII Century
  6. 19,45-20,00 – dr Misa Rakocija (Nis)
    Before Nemanjic Time Domed Church in Nis and Their Place in the History of Byzantine Architecture
  7. 20,00-20,15 – dr Smiljka Gabelic (Belgrade)
    Lesnovo Floor Rosettes
  8. 20,15-20,30 – dr Sergey Bocharov, (Crimea, Russia)
    Byzantine Dioceses in the Mountain Crimea between Mongols and Genoese XIII-XIV centuries
  9. 20,15-20,30 – dr Apostolos Mantas (Ioannina)
    Continuity and Change: Between Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Iconography
  • 20,30- Discussion
  • Departure for dinner

June 4th, Sunday

Chairman: Deacon dr Ivica Cairovic (Belgrade)

  1. 09,00 - 09,15 – dr Ioannis Kioridis (Serres)
    The Death of Marko Kraljevic and Digenis Akritas in Serbian Ballads and Greek Folk Songs: A Comparative Approach
  2. 09,15 - 09,30 – Marija Aleksic Cevrljakovic, dr Marija Maric
    Heritage on the Margin; Forgotten Late Antique Heritage of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo
  3. 09,30 - 09,45 – Graham Jones (Oxford)
    Commemoration of Niš-born Constantine and His Mother Helena in Dedications of Churches in Byzantine Syria
  4. 09,45 - 10,00 - Deacon dr Ivica Cairovic (Belgrade)
    Manuscript Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum as a Historical Source - a Description of the Early Relationship between Bavarians and Slavs
  5. 10,00 - 10,15 – dr Ivana Komatina (Belgrade)
    Rex Serviae in the Hungarian Royal Title from 1202 to 1402
  6. 10,15 - 10,30 – dr Papadopoulou Varvara, Synkellou Efstratia (Ioannina)
    New Evidence on the Economic and Cultural life of the Despotate of Epirus
  7. 10,30 - 10,45 – dr Georgios Nektarios At. Lois (Patra)
    Policies of Stefan First Crowned (1196-1228)
  • 10,45-11,00 – Break

Chairman: dr Ergün Lafli (Izmir)

  1. 11,00 - 11,15 – dr Predrag Dragojevic (Belgrade)
    Analysis of a Controversy about the Late Ancient Tomb near Nis
  2. 11,15 - 11,30 – др Драгољуб Марјановић (Београд)
    The Emergence of the Serbian Church in Relation to Byzantium and Rome  
  3. 11,30 - 11,45 – dr Vasilj Jovovic (Niksic)
    Stefan the First-Crowned in the Montenegrin Periodicals
  4. 11,45 - 12,00 – dr Ergün LAFLI (Izmir),
    Southern Black Sea during the Early Byzantine Period
  5. 12,00 - 12,15 – dr G. Atanasov, V. Yotov, I. Valeriev
    The Crypt under the Sanctuary of Early Christian Basilica № 1 in the Late Antique City of Zaldapa, Scythia Province
  6. 12,15 - 12,30 – dr Snezhana Goryanova (Sofia)
    Early Christian Basilica and Mediaeval Cemetery near Bukhovo (Sofia)
  7. 12,30 - 12,45 – dr Svetla Petrova (Sofia)
    The Place and Function of the Round Piazza of Parthicopolis in the Development of the Late Antique City Planning

Chairman: dr Predrag Dragojevic (Belgrade)

  1. 12,45 - 13,00 – Vladimir Petkov (Sandanski)
    The Chrism of Bishop s Basilica
  2. 13,00 - 13,15 – dr Vania Popova (Sofia)
    The Early Christian Mosaics in Bulgaria and Their Connection to the Liturgy
  3. 13,15 - 13,30 – dr Ivo Topalilov (Shumen)
    Some comments on the spread of the martyrdom cult in Thrace in 4th c.
  4. 13,30 - 13,45 - Anna Adashinskaya (Budapest)
    Founders or Donors? Small Images of Supplicants in Later Byzantium and Medieval Serbia
  5. 13,45 - 14,00 - dr Atanasije Atanasiadis (Salonika)
    Srednjovekovna Bosna kod vizantijskih pisaca
  • 14,00 -16,00 – Lunch Break

Chairman: dr Dragana Pavlović (Belgrade)

  1. 16,00 - 16,15 – Elisabeta Kodheli (Tirana),
    Saint Mary Vlacherna in Berat in Historiography and New Observations  
  2. 16,15 -16,30 – dr Dragana Pavlovic (Belgrade)
    Portraits of Children in the Serbian Medieval Noblemen’s Compositions
  3. 16,30 -16,45 – Mila Krneta (Banja Luka)
    Shaping the Model of an Ideal Serbian Medieval Queen 
  4. 16,45 - 17,00 – Nikola Piperski (Belgrade)
    Identity, Legitimacy, Influences: Review and Comparative Analysis of the Frescoes of the Crucifixion of Christ in the Monastery of Santa Maria in Bac and Spacova Church in Zica
  • 17,00-17,15 – Break

Chairman: dr Elizabeta Dimitrova (Skopje)

  1. 17,15 -17,30 – dr Jasmina S. Ciric (Belgrade)
    “For We Walk by Faith”:  Floor and Motion in Late Byzantine Church
  2. 17,30 - 17,45 – Vladimir Bozinovic  (Belgrade)
    Rosettes on the Monuments of Moravian Serbia and Early Ottoman Bursa: Architectural Decoration as a Manifestation of Intercultural Dialogue of an Era
  3. 17,45 -18,00 – dr Elizabeta Dimitrova/Orhideja Zorova (Skopje)
    Haute Couture of Macedonia Bizantina: Costumes, Jewelry, Accessories
  4. 18,00 -18,15 - dr Ioannis Sisiou (Kastoria)
    Ο άγιος Γεώργιος ο Γοργός, προστάτης του κτήτορα του Αγίου Γεωργίου του Βουνού στην Καστοριά
  5. 18,15-18,30 – Ljiljana Mandic, Miloje Mandic (Uzice)
    Church of Saint Nicholas in Brekovo, Arilje, Paintings from the End of XVI and the Beginning of XVII Century
  6. 18,30-18,45 – dr Bojana Stevanovic (Belgrade)
    Observations and Amendments to the Reading of a Younger Layer of Painting from the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin in Rezevici
  7. 18,45-19,00 – dr Miljana Matic  (Belgrade)
    Representation of the Nemanjic Serbian Dynasty  in Iconography  of the Restored Pec Patriarchate 1557-1690: Stefan the First Crowned
  8. 19,00-19,15 – dr Tatjana Starodubcev (Novi Sad)
    Saint Fotije and Ankita and the Worship of Them and Their Representation in Medieval Eastern Christian World
  9. 19,15-19,30 – dr Miroslava Kostic  (Belgrade)
    Visual Images of Saint Serbian Rulers in History by Jovan Rajic
  10. 19,30- 19,45 – Kalina Atanassova (Varna)
    The Head Adornment of Three Female Ktitor Portraits in Dolna Kamenitza: Possible Reconstructions 
  11. 19,45-20,00 – др Xénia Golub (Budapest)
    The Iconography of the Cantor’s Pews of the Orthodox Monastery Church of Grábóc
  12. 20,00-20,15 – Dr. Konstantinos Giakoumis (Tirana)
    Unpublished Scene of St John Vladimir from the Church of the Entrance of the Virgin to the Temple at Kolkondas, Myzeqe, Central Albania
  13. 20,15-20,30 – dr Arijadna Voronova (Moscow)
    Russian-Byzantine Style in Architecture in Moscow at the Beginning of ХХcentury and the Renovation of the Moscow Diocesan Home
  14. 20,30-20,45 – Marijana Marković (Belgrade)
    Predstava Sabor arhanđela u crkvi Svetog Đorđa u Ajdanovcu
  15. 20,45-21,00 – Kristina Miloradović (Belgrade)
    Simbolika predstave Galaktotrofuse u kompoziciji Deizisa u Zaumu
  • Discussion, press conference and end of symposium working part
  • Dinner

June 5th, Monday

  • 09,30 – Reception at Nis City Hall
  • 10,00 - 14,00 – Cultural monument sightseeing  
  • Departure

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