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20th SYMPOSIUM "In Memory of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej"

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Международный симпозиум византологов "Ниш и Византия"

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In the light of the weakening pandemic, the symposium will be held both in-person and online. In-person participants will present their papers live, but those who couldn't come will join an online conference with their web presentations.

Miša Rakocija, MA
International Scientific Symposium

„In the memory of academician Dejan Medaković“

Within the Festivities of St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen 3-5 June, 2009, the City of Niš and the University of Niš as co-organizer, for the eight time gathered together eminent byzantologists from the country and abroad under the roof of Niš University.

The working group of the Scientific Board (the City Councilor Miodrag Radović,  PhD Hranislav Andjelković, Miša Rakocija, MA, PhD Franc Curk, Milica Todorović, Marica Maksimović, PhD Goran Maksimović, PhD Dimostenis Stratigopoulos, Irena Ljubomirović,  Miomir Vasov, MSc, Elena Vasić Petrović, Ana Misić), succeeded quality to organize and create the symposium as well as to realize printing of the Works Collection and its CD version which can be completely found on the symposium website. City Municipality Mediana headed by the president Dragoslav Ćirković, also once again supported the symposium "Niš and Byzantium" and their support is of special importance.

Mayor of Niš Miloš SimonoviĆ, MSc, with the Symposium Participants

This year the symposium “Nis and Byzantium VIII” was reasonably dedicated to the recently passed Professor Dejan Medaković, PhD, a member and the former president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, worldwide known art historian, especially meritorious for affirmation of this scientific symposium from its very beginning in 2002.

Prof. Medaković, then the president of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, visionary considered the importance of the symposium idea and supported the concept of gathering eminent byzantologists in Niš. Believing in the future of the scientific symposium “Niš and Byzantium” Mr. Medaković opened the first meeting. We are grateful for that to him.

The authority of prof. Medaković stood behind the Organization Board, while his presence in redaction of the Proceedings was a guarantee of a high scientific level of the Proceedings.

The words of the academician Dejan Medaković at the opening session were the guidelines to the organizers. On that occasion he indicated historical and artistic importance of Niš cultural legacy, the necessity of its revealing and researching within the Byzantine world and contemporary historical moment. 

After eight years we can say that Niš Scientific Symposium acquired the name and the respect in the world of science, culture and arts. Thus we justified the trust of professor Medaković, and we extended the City Festivities beyond the country borders.

Thanks to the great number of participants from abroad the City of Niš has already taken visible position at European Cultural Map. Today there is no serious researcher of the Byzantine art, civilization and its reflection to the modern world who does not use the series of the Proceedings of the Symposium “Nis and Byzantium”. High scientific level and the representativeness of the Proceedings followed by CD version and the presentation on the website ( will contribute a lot that the famous city of Niš with the respectful international scientific byzantologists’ symposium “Niš and Byzantium” readily marks the anniversary of the Edict of Milan in 2013 what is both right and duty of the birth city of the Emperor Constantine the Great.  

Dragan Vojvodić, PhD (Belgrade), Promotion of Proceedings “Niš and Byzantium VII“

The symposium “Niš and Byzantium VIII” started with the blessing of the Niš Bishop Irinej. The opening session was continued with the welcome words of the Assistant to the Mayor professor Miodrag Manic. On behalf of the University the present guests and participants were greeted by the rector professor Radoslav Bubanj.  The symposium was opened with the speech of academician Dinko Davidov who presented the grandiose deed of Dejan Medaković, read by Aleksandra Davidov. The previous Proceedings was presented by professor Dragan Vojvodić, Belgrade.

The interest for Niš symposium has been increased from year to year. This year 59 work papers were submitted. The City of Niš put a special effort and invited 42 participants (from Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Republic of Srpska and Serbia), what has been the greatest number of participants so far. Yet, due to the limited budget and the economic situation we had to give up some of the work papers of equal quality. The Scientific Board would like to use also this opportunity to extend apologies to the authors hoping for their understanding but as well for their future participation at “Niš and Byzantium” contributing thus to its significance and respect. And again, greater number of foreign participants than those from the country, best indicates on the importance and acquired reputation of the scientific symposium “Niš and Byzantium”.

It is up to us to preserve the symposium in whose future professor Medaković sincerely believed, and to leave it to the future generations, enabling every year the eminent byzantologists, who build through their knowledge the eternal temple in the honor of the City of Niš and its most known citizen St. Emperor Constantine the Great,  to gather together in the city of Niš.

Translated by Ana Mišić, coordinator

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