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20th SYMPOSIUM "In Memory of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej"

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Международный симпозиум византологов "Ниш и Византия"

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In the light of the weakening pandemic, the symposium will be held both in-person and online. In-person participants will present their papers live, but those who couldn't come will join an online conference with their web presentations.

International Symposium of Byzantologists

"1670th anniversary of the death of St. Czar Constantine the Great, 337 - 2007"

In the context of celebrating the Day of Sts. Czar Constantine and Czarina Helena, the City of Niš gathered renowned Byzantologists from Europe and the USA for the sixth time and with the same intention - improving our knowledge of Niš and Byzantium. The International Symposium NIŠ AND BYZANTIUM was again held in the Main Conference Hall of the University of Niš, with its substantial support. This is easy to understand, regarding a high scientific level and competence of the Symposium participants, as well as the structure of the Symposium Scientific Board Task Force (Jovan Mandić, arch., Dr. Vlastimir Djokić, Miša Rakocija, Dr. Hranislav Andjelković, Dr. Franc Curk, Milica Todorović, Marica Maksimović, Dr. Goran Maksimović, Dr. Dimosthenis Stratigopoulos, Irena Ljubomirović, Momir Vasov, arch., Ana Perović), which every year intellectually organizes this congress of Byzantologists in our town. Also, the Symposium was rendered comprehensible support by the Greek Consulate in Niš, the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Greece and the Greek Language Program of the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, as well as by the municipalities of Pantelej and Mediana.

Rector of the Prizren Seminary,
Mr. Milutin Timotijević

Welcoming speech, City Assembly
President Goran Ilić, PhD

Year by year, the Niš Symposium reminds the scientific public of a significant moment from the Byzantine past. This year, our gathering was aimed to mark the 1670th anniversary of the death of St. Czar Constantine the Great - 337-2007. Eusebius of Caesarea refers to his accomplishments with the following words: "...imposing silence on myself, I resign the task of speaking his praises worthily to one who is better able, even to him who, being the immortal God and veritable Word, alone has power to confirm his own saying..."

However, the City of Niš ventured to pay tribute to Czar Constantine's accomplishments by marking the 1600th anniversary of his death, way back in 1937. On that occasion, among other events, the Eparchy of Niš published a bulletin which revealed the rich early Christian heritage of Niš. After 70 years, owing to the great knowledge of participants in the Symposium "Niš and Byzantium", the City of Niš has again gained enough competence to praise the merits and achievements of St. Czar Constantine and to observe the anniversary of his death.

Scientific arguments of the "Niš and Byzantium VI" Symposium participants are strong enough to shed light upon a still unfathomed part of St. Czar Constantine's deeds. With this intention, 34 scientists from the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Republic of Srpska and Serbia gathered in Niš.

Opening of the Symposium,
Carolyn Snively, PhD (USA)

Promotion of the Proceedings "Niš and Byzantium V",
Elizabeta Dimitrova, PhD (Skopje)

The Symposium "Niš and Byzantium VI" was held with the blessing of Reverend Irinej, Bishop of the Niš Eparchy, cited in the inspired address of Mr. Milutin Timotijevi?, Rector of the Prizren Seminary. The opening ceremony continued with the cordial welcoming speech of the City Assembly President Dr. Goran Ili?. Dr. Carolyn Snively (USA) declared the Symposium open by pointing out the significance of Constantine the Great for the entire Christian world. The hard copy and electronic version (CD) of the previous year's Proceedings "Niš and Byzantium V" was presented by Dr. Elizabeta Dimitrova (Skopje). The representative exhibition "Images of the Byzantine World" added solemnity to the ceremony, as its author Dragan Todorovi? revealed moments of the Byzantine everyday life to the public through masterly selected Byzantine fresco details. This extraordinary exhibition was opened in an elegant address by the City architect Mr. Jovan Mandi?. Upon the Symposium closure, the participants visited the Monastic Church of the Theotokos in the Si?evo Gorge and the late-antique locality of Mediana.

Opening of Dragan Todorović's exhibition
"Images of the Byzantine World", Mr. Jovan Mandić

Participants in the Symposium
"Niš and Byzantium VI"

The scientific competence of the participants, exclusivity and quality of the reported papers, representative quality of the Proceedings, alongside with its Internet presentation ( secured the Symposium "Niš and Byzantium" a prestigious place among active world congresses of Byzantologists, according to the Harvard University rank-list. It is now our responsibility to preserve the acquired reputation and to enable gathering of eminent Byzantologists in Niš every subsequent year.

Miša Rakocija

Translated by Ana Mišić, coordinator

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